HC IRBIS SKATE – gost (U13)

Sports club “IRBIS-SKATE” was founded in August 2012 by Stanislav Muhachev – then captain of the Bulgarian National Ice Hockey Team. The co-founders of the club are Andrei Muhachev, a prominent athlete in Russia, two-time champion of Russia with HC Akbars Kazan, Martin Boyadzhiev – assistant captain in the Bulgarian National Team and others.

The club has a children’s and youth school, with which it takes part in all age groups of the Bulgarian state championship, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18. Over 100 children and teenagers train in Irbis. The men’s team of the club has been the champion of Bulgaria for six consecutive years from 2015/2016-2020/2021. and took part in the Continental Cup in 2016 in Sofia, 2017 in Belgrade, 2018 in Sofia and 2019 in Istanbul.

Irbis-Skate is distinguished by coaches who have completed higher education diplomas in ice hockey from prestigious universities in Bulgaria and Russia, who are also long-time competitors in the National Ice Hockey Team. The team of coaches and instructors at the club try to ensure that the children receive sports training at a high level and are motivated with a professional approach that helps their development.

Godina osnivanja 2012
Država Bulgaria
Domaći teren Winter Palace of Sports, Acad. Boris Stefanov Str, Students city, Sofia 1700
Glavni trener Stanislav Muhachev
Predsednik kluba Stanislav Muhachev
Podpredsednik kluba Dian Lilov
Marketing menadžer Eleonora Pavlova
Sekretar kluba Aleksandar Starshov

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